We’re moving our blog to a block chain authenticated system this week. GOing forward, all of our articles and blog content will be timestampled on the Blockchain

Why did we decide to record our content on the blockchain?
its the mission of The REPUBLIK to bring integrity, security and accountability to the new media landscape. Here are a couple of ways recording our content on the blockchain helps us do that.

Copyright protection
Transparency: increase trust and claim authenticity
Next-generation search and indexing benefits
Proof of existence at certain moments in time
Prepare for upcoming EU regulations

Automatically timestamp daily content on the blockchain
Users can verify when and how content changes or corrections take place
Downloadable blockchain certificate as proof of existence and
Copyright Infringement Claim Tools

How does our blockchain indexing work?
The REPUBLIK creates a unique and universal fingerprint (the ‘hash’) for all our site posts, pages and media files. If the input changes, the hash becomes totally different.

This hash is added to the blockchain with a date and time. Because the REPUBLIK maintains record of the input of each specific hash, we can verify the integrity of published content at any point in time.

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