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Black Amercan Farmers Still Waiting on Relief

The NBFA continues to call on Congress to assure accountability and transparency from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and USDA.

While Black farmers had legislative successes during the Obama Administration, far too little was done during his tenure to address the long legacy of discrimination against Black farmers. Doors continue to be closed to many Black farmers and today our members face enormous challenges – including a system that disproportionately leaves them behind. To level the playing field and right these historic wrongs, Mr. Vilsack as Secretary must expand Black farmer access to land and credit and reform USDA’s income support and insurance programs to end systemic discrimination.

“Today is an important day for the nation’s Black farmers and for all of those who continue to work tirelessly to end racial discrimination and differential treatment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” said John Boyd. “We are supportive of the steps taken by Congress and the White House to provide Emergency Debt Relief for Black and other Farmers of Color. I have been fighting for this kind of relief for Black Farmers for over thirty years. This is long overdue Relief for Black Farmers.”

The NBFA and the team that has supported the organization’s efforts on behalf of the nation’s Black farmers are one major step closer to achieving economic relief for the thousands of Black and other farmers of color who have historically been underserved.


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