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A quick question for You: How would You remember the year 2020.

The year 2020 will largely be remembered as the year the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the entire world or the year Donald Trump was defeated. While all that is true, there’s yet a positive news on the global front: the nomination of the Black Lives Matter movement for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I daresay the movement has had great positive impact on the world at large. Here’s a quick examination of its impact:

The moment has raised the consciousness of the American populace towards the acceptance of the Black community. The once largely marginalized, maltreated and maligned Black community has been posited as a group worth accepting and establishing cordial relationship with. The BLM movement brought them to the fore and made them the object of love, life and affection.

The success of the movement has brought more freedom and confidence to the black community. Previously, the community had stern resistance in competing in a biased system but there’s been a great ease in the rejection of the Black in impacting the nation. Now, we see Black men and women stepping up to compete in positions and arenas where they were initially timid and shy because of the uncertainty of their success.

Finally, the Black Lives Matter movement has helped not only the black but also the Hispanic and Latinos to find their voice and stand up for themselves within the confines of their fundamental human rights. It’s interesting that as the movement spread like a wave throughout the entire world, the chain of bondage, unfairness and marginalization was broken in many countries, making more people find their voice in other to express both their ingenuity and mode of being which will ultimately culminat into a better and safer world for all.

In conclusion, the nomination of the Black Lives Matter Movement for Nobel Peace Prize is a great one which will help etch its achievement not only in time but also in our hearts.






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