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Five Reasons White People Love America

Maybe the question should be why America loves white people. America was an agglomeration of thirteen colonies that morphed into a federation in 1776 by some of the greatest minds of the era. Majority of the inhabitants of the original thirteen colonies were of Caucasian stock from European countries.

Access to Wealth
White people have access to wealth and this opens immense opportunities for them in high paying jobs, making the transition to upscale neighborhoods and providing quality education to their children. This perpetuates the white man’s belief that American economic and social structure makes an ideal ground for their enhanced quality of life.

Bias in Law enforcement
Majority of the officers of law enforcement are white. This leads to a subconscious tendency to display white privilege to people of their own ethnicity.

Inclined for white migration
An American President recently alluded as why there are not enough migrants to America from Norway which is a Scandinavian country. There is an inherent historical preference in the top echelons that white people are more suited for the ideal American republic.

Least crime rate
There is a perception in white people that they are least inclined to commit a crime and show delinquent behavior compared to people of other ethnicities. This leads to a feeling that their interests are best served in America.

Confidence in their kinsmen
White people are emotionally confident due to the presence of white privilege which is an imperceptible package of assorted assets. White people have confidence that American institutions will protect and enrich them when compared to others.






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