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Five Reasons Why Black People Hate America

Bias and Prejudice of Law enforcement Agencies
Black Americans are more likely to be arrested than white Americans for the same crime. Blacks are more likely to be the victims of gunshots fired by law enforcement officers. American society harbors a deep bias against blacks and deems them to be born criminals. Movements like Black Lives Matter are the result of un-proportionate use of force by American police officers on black men and teenagers.
The judicial system of America is incarcerating a lot of blacks and this is leading them to become hardened criminals. This is the result of systemic discrimination of blacks in society.
Lack of upward mobility
Majority of American blacks are confined to rough neighborhoods where there is a high incidence of crime and debauchery. This is hindering their social growth. White Americans show a subtle form of racial discrimination against Blacks which is worsening the integration of blacks with the mainstream economy.
Education and Jobs
Majority of black teenagers are dropping out of school either due to poverty or broken families. Their low level of education is making them ineligible for high paid jobs in American society. This has the result of blacks in America doing low skill jobs or spiraling into the abyss of criminal activity. Blacks use the race card in American society as an excuse for their backwardness.
Empty promises of Politicians
There is a feeling in blacks that politicians are using them as pawns to achieve power. Black people feel that American politicians are not doing enough to help their cause and this is causing resentment and loss of faith in the American political system.






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