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Five Reasons Why Black People Love America

American constitution protects civil liberties
America is a powerful beacon of racial tolerance. The civil rights movement of 1950 brought some fundamental changes in how American perceive race and how equality of all human beings is the heart of American society. Blacks in America have full confidence in the civil liberties that are guaranteed by the American constitution.

The American dream gives a chance to black people to show their patriotism
The Independence Day of America is a day of pride for most blacks. Since emancipation from slavery, black people have contributed to all aspects of American society. America has given the black population wonderful opportunities to enrich their lives and to uplift them from their miserable plight. Black Americans are proud of the American values which have liberated them from slavery and systemic oppression.

Emancipation from Slavery
Majority of Americans recognize the historical injustice done to the blacks in the forms of slavery and oppression. White Americans mainly in urban areas treat blacks with respect and equality. The black people are completely accepted in mainstream society. This is given a chance for the African-Americans to live a life of fulfillment and dignity.

Religion and Culture
Blacks can profess Christianity in America with full vigor and devotion. Their strong faith has been completely embraced by American society. The unique cultural elements of African Americans have become entrenched in American society. Media and entertainment industry in America have made art and music forms of blacks such as Hip Hop and rap music highly popular in American society.

Political representation
Black political representation reached global attention with the ascension of Barack Obama as President of the United States in 2008. This has become a huge symbol of achievement of the American dream for black Americans.






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