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Five Reasons Why Women Hate America

Abortion is a controversial topic in American society. The pro-life segment of the population considers that abortion is murder. While the liberal section of the population with a majority of women are of the opinion that women should have complete freedom over their bodies.

Conservative Politics
Conservative politics give importance to family bonds and tradition. The liberal-minded women feel that tradition is keeping them in chains and stops them to reach their complete potential. The growth of conservatism in American mainstream politics is making women and mainly feminists anxious that their rights will get restricted.

Declining interest in Marriage
Modern American society abounds in easy divorce procedures, increasing avenues for sexual promiscuity, instances of false rape and assault charges on innocent men and some states in America making prostitution legal. There is a growing tendency in American men that marriage is not worth the trouble and men are going their own way (MGTOW). This loss of interest in marriage has led to insecurity among women looking for a committed long-term relationship.

Gender pay gap
Feminists allege that women are not being paid fairly at work which is stunting their financial independence. The pay gap is causing resentment in women and they’re blaming the corporations run by white American men for the situation.

No adequate representation in Politics
Women feel that there is no adequate representation of women in Politics commensurate to their population. The loss of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election was serious heartburn to many women who now are blaming American society for marginalizing the role of women In American politics.






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