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Five Reasons Why Women Love America

Equality with men
American society is exceptional in the equal treatment of the sexes. Women can ascend the pinnacles of excellence in every field on par with men thanks to the egalitarian ethos of American society. Feminism is currently sweeping liberal America and women see this as a sign of good things to come.

Gender pay gap is low
Across the world, women are paid less than men for doing the same job. American companies make it a point to remove this anomaly. Remuneration for women is the same as that of men in similar job profiles.

High degree of freedom
Compared to other social systems of the world, American society gives a high degree of freedom to women. Divorce is a walk in the park in American society and women see this as a great opportunity to liberate themselves from unhappy marriages. There is a perception that the judicial system in America favors the cause of women in the payment of child support and distribution of assets in a divorce.

Great education system
Women have the opportunity to climb the ladder of academic excellence through the high-quality educational facilities of America. Women are more likely to scale the summits of excellence in Research and Developments areas of technology.

Greater security
There is a perception in women that American law enforcement guards their body and limb in an effective way. With the rise of crimes against women and children, law enforcement in America is taking crimes against women very seriously. This has increased the trust of women in America being a safe country compared to other countries.






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