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Life and Business Lessons on Thriving Amidst a Pandemic

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Financial Expert Dr. Lynn Richardson Inspires With Her Latest Book: “Beyond 2020: Life and Business Lessons on Thriving Amidst a Pandemic”

In Beyond 2020: Life and Business Lessons on Thriving Amidst a Pandemic, bestselling author and financial expert Dr. Lynn Richardson presents 14 stories about loving a little harder, processing unexpected loss, and overcoming life’s challenges during an unprecedented time. (www.beyond2020.life) MC Lyte inspires with the foreword and contributing authors include Dianne Bowdary, Nikki Cheree, Andrea Hayden, Dr. Catrina Pullum, Virgie M. Bullie, Angelina Crosby-Pigott, Erika Blair McGrew, Michelle Senderson, Deadra Woods-Stokes, Esq., Othelia Schultz, Dr. Vanessa de Danzine, Michelle J. Miller, Esq., IngridLaVon Woolfolk, and Syrena Williams, Esq.  Fully capturing life’s highs and lows, the heart-stirring narratives of these authors – from Dr. Lynn’s New W.E.A.L.T.H. University Author’s Collaboration Circle – highlight the unfaltering resilience of African American women from a modern-day perspective. These powerful stories feature experiences that resonate with women from all walks of life. This book is a must for anyone who’s ready to renew their hope, learn actionable steps to apply in various real-life situations and not only survive, but thrive beyond the unfortunate circumstances of 2020.  

It’s easy to lose hope as we find ourselves living in the deepest global recession since World War II. Dr. Lynn conceived the idea of the Beyond 2020 project when reflecting on her life experiences in the years following the 2008 recession. “It was my vision that by the year 2020, I would have a clear view on my path towards helping others become financially free. It was my vision that others would have a clear path, lit with 20/20 vision, to obtain a financial education. That was 2008,” she recalled. Thirteen years later, despite a global pandemic and recession, she still managed to accomplish her goals.

Dr. Lynn tapped her friend and business partner Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer to set the tone for the collection with a touching foreword. According to the iconic rapper, DJ, actress, voice-over talent and entrepreneur, “In 2020, these accomplished and successful women came together and created a circle of trust and accountability. Dr. Lynn has now invited these dynamic women to come forward and share what is on their minds, but most importantly, what is in their hearts. They speak of love, loss, strength, and courage, all while remaining transparent and candid in opening themselves.”


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