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New community and connection Space for BIPOC creators

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Cinesite Vancouver, in partnership with Collective Bunch, is working to create a place of community and connection within screen-based industries in Vancouver, BC Canada. The mission of the collective is to elevate diverse voices and role models, decrease cultural bias and create a film production and creative industry that is more inclusive, understanding, and reflective of Vancouver’s culturally rich demographic.

“Collective Bunch was created to make it as easy as possible for people of colour in the animation, film and creative industry to foster job opportunities, build relationships, share knowledge, and change perceptions. Not only does diversity and inclusivity contribute to a more aligned society, but there is also a strong business case for it as it allows companies to target new populations and increase response rates with relatable messaging, helping boost their bottom line. Growing up mixed race (half black, half white), I’ve always been acutely aware of how advertising and movies can be very stereotypical in the roles they cast and when I eventually became involved in the industry as a partner in a production company, I noticed how the people behind the camera weren’t diverse at all. It’s time to change that narrative and it’s very exciting to see companies like Cinesite contributing and investing in this change,” said Jason Mackay (he/him), founder of Collective Bunch and the executive producer for the Kid Carson Show on Z95.3FM and partner in Rich&Jay Creative.

“In the animation industry in Vancouver, we see some diversity of cultures, and yet, when it comes to our talent base, there is a severe lack of representation from Indigenous and Black communities. We have a lot of work to do to make the industry not only more accessible, but safer, more equitable, and a place where stories from these communities, led by Indigenous and Black artists, are made a priority. Engaging with Collective Bunch and supporting their efforts to create a place of community and connection is key for us to move from good intentions to real, respectful action,” said Tara Kemes (she/her), General Manager, Cinesite Vancouver.





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